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IAWA(UK) National Clubs Championships - Sunday 12th January 2014 (an Invitation event hosted by Steve
Gardner at the new Burton Powerhouse All Round Weightlifting Academy at Burton on Trent
This was a fun event organised by Steve, really just a one off, looking for an idea of something to do to christen the new
gym facility Steve had the idea of a clubs match and invited clubs that had 4 or more lifters, to come along and compete.
This was a different concept to the norm, lifters would be competing for their clubs and regions rather than as individuals.
Well to say the response was really keen is an understatement, and Steve and his fellow organisers atthe Burton Academy
were knocked out at the result, with teams travelling from all over the Country to compete. The event was magic, a great
sense of camaraderie and spirit, with everyone supporting everyone it made for some really exciting lifting and a thrilling
experience altogether. Steve was very grateful to all those who helped, his club members especially and the two new
members who loaded all day: Chris Findon and Ciro Crispino, and to Chris Bass who brought his computer to do the
number crunching on the results. A few lessons were learned and a few changes will be made, but rest assured the event
will be run again, and once again a big thanks and well done to all who travelled to Burton to be a part of the event!
Hoghton Barbell representing the North West were the eventul winners, with Burton Powerhouse for the Midlands Second,
Haven Gym for the North East were third, Metamorfit Gym for the South East were fourth and Tiverton Weightlifting Club
for the South West were 5th. Mark Haydock from Hoghton was the top lifter just ahead of Steve Sherwood from the Haven
and Luke Davis from Burton again just ahead of Alex Rigbye and James Gardner. Well done again to all who took part and
helped to make the day a good one! -
Full Results are on the Results page!
All the lifters and helpers at the Clubs Competition!
The IAWA(UK) British Grip Championships - Preston - Saturday 1st February 2014
Well done to MArk Haydock and his followers at the Hoghton Barbell Club, the Grip event this year was a great success
with 19 lifters on the platform. Lots of records were broken, with some great performances by IAWA first timers Sarah Miller
and Connor Murphy, and first time on the big stage for Junior lifter: Ciro Crispino and Chris Findon. This competition
included the Dumbell Walk, the first time the event has been a poart of an IAWA(UK) main stream event, and boy it was
a tough one. Lifters attended from all parts, from the South Coast right up to Scotland, well done to all who took part: Paula
Thompson, Karen Gardner, Sarah Miller, Jenn Tibbenham, Mark Rattenberry, Chris Findon,Luke Davis, Nick Swain, Gary
Ell, Alex Rigbye, James Gardner, Dean Kent, Connor Murphy, Mark Haydock, Ciro Crispino, Graham Saxton, George Dick
and John Gardner. See results page for full results.
Best Female Open Lifter: Paula Thompson - Best Female Master Lifter: Karen Gardner
Best Junior: Ciro Crispino - Best Open Male Lifter: James Gardner - Best Male Master Lifter: Nick Swain
Overall Best Lifter: 1st James Gardner 2nd Mark Haydock 3rd Nick Swain
Left: The lifters at the Grip Challenge
Above: New Junior Lifter Ciro Crispino
Overall Winner: James Gardner - Overall 2nd Place: Mark Haydock - Overall 3rd Place : Nick Swain
The Midlands(Open)All Round Championships - Saturday 1st March - Haven Gym, Grimsby
The event at Grimsby was a brilliant affair with 14 lifters performing at the Midlands Open Championships, the lifting was
great with lots of records broken across the board (Mark Haydocks Front Squat of 212.5k and John Kavanaghs
Cont.Clean and Jerk of 130k were memorable). Well done to Chris Bass and his helpers for putting on such a good event
- See full Results for details on results page! The Bill Jelley Memorial Trophy for the Best Open Lifter went to Mark
Haydock and the Peter Ready Memorial Award went to Mark Price!
Mark Price with the Peter Ready Trophy - Mark Haydock with the Bill Jelley Trophy (Presented by Clive Nevis)
Matt Wells: Cont.C & Jerk - Steve Andrews: OH Snatch - John Kavanagh: OH Snatch
IAWA (UK) British Powerlifting Championships - Saturday 12th April 2014
With superb performances across the board with records tumbling everywhere, worthy of extra special mention was Mark
Haydocks deadlift of 322.5 kilos, the heaviest ever deadlift in IAWA! It was great to see new lifters on the platform too, well
done to Katy Mellors, young Sam Hartshorne, Dan Clarke and Clive Madge (lifting in his first competition aged 65 years! The
overall best lifters were really outstanding, well done again Mark Haydock, Barry Gordge and Gerry Davidson, and Best lifters:
Paula, Jevan and Barry and Mark. Everyone did a great job, special thanks to all the loaders and catchers!
Best Female Lifter: Paula Thompson Best Junior Lifter: Jevan Cockbail Best Master Lifter: Barry Gordge Best
Open Lifter
: Mark Haydock Overall Best Lifter Rankings: 1st Mark Haydock 589.3 - 2nd Barry Gordge 560.9 - 3rd
Gerry Davidson 532.3
Barry Gordge
New Lifter - Katy Mellors
The Best Lifters: Jevan Cockbain (jnrs) Barry Gortdge (Masters) Paula Thompson (Ladies) Mark Haydock (Open)
See Results
page for full
Downloads here for:
Viking Strongman Challenge - Sunday 11th May - Burton Powerhouse All round
Weightlifting Academy - Promoter: Steve Gardner
The Event was held with 3 Divisions for Ladies and Men - The Burton Barrels Farmers Walk - The Viking Log Press - The
Trap Bar Deadlift - The Tyre Flip
Results of the Competition:
Ladies Under 60k Division: Winner Nicola Thornhill - Second Paula Thompson - Third Katy Mellors
Ladies Under 80k Division: Winner Selina Dorn - Second Kirsty Murden - Third Natasha Parry
Ladies Over 80k Division Winner Jo Hill - Second Jenn Tibenham
(After a tie on points, Count back and Bodyweight Criteria were used to determine the Winner!)
Mens Under 80k Division: First Luke Davis - Second Adam Roberts - Third Brian Heyburn - Fourth Chris
Findon - Fifth Paul Barrette
Mens Under 100k Division: First James Gardner - Second Pete Tryner - Third Alex Rigbye - Fourth Jason
Dorn - Fifth Gary Ell - Sixth John Parry Seventh Neil Keddy - Eighth Sam Hartshorne
(After a tie on points, Count back Criteria was used to determine the Winner!)
Mens Over 100k Division: First Mark Haydock - Second Ciro Crispino - Third Clive Madge - Fourth
Graham Alway
Other Titles Awarded:
Junior Strongman Champion 16/17yrs: Sam Hartshorne - Junior Strongman Champion 18/19yrs: Ciro Crispino Masters
Strongwoman Champions: Master 40+ Champion Paula Thompson - Master 45+ Champion Nicola Thornhill Masters
Strongman Champions: Master 40+ Champion (Under 100): Pete Tryner - Master 40+ Champion (Over 100): Graham
Alway Master 45+ Champion Jason Dorn - Master 65+ Champion: Clive Madge
Officials: Overall Organiser/Head Judge: Steve Gardner Assistant: Graham Saxton Recorders: Karen Gardner and Kay
Crispino Loaders / Helpers: Jo Crispino and Josh Haydock Drug Testing Officer: Frank Allen

Photos: Left: The Group, Competitors and Officials Right: The 6 Class Winners:
Nicola Thornhill, Selina Dorn, Jo Hill, Luke Davis, Mark Haydock and James Gardner
The 2014 IAWA(UK) BritishAll Round Championships
Saturday 7th June - Birstall, Leicester

See Results Page for full Results!

Above Left: Mark Haydock Recieves the Health and Strength
Trophy from Steve Gardner as the Overall Best Lifter
Some of the Lifters and Officials after the event Left: Steve
Andrews - 70 Kilo Class Champion and 2nd Overall Best Lifter
Below Left: James Gardner - 95 kilo class Champion and 3rd
Overall Best Lifter
Below right: Nadia Silva recently back from
Best Lifter Rankings:
Best Female Lifter:
Paula Thompson - Best Open Lifter: 1st Mark Haydock 2nd James
Gardner 3rd Luke Davis
Best Masters Lifter: 1st Steve Andrews 2nd Phil Crisp 3rd Adrian
Overall Best Lifter - Champion of Champions - for the Health and Strength
1st Mark Haydock 2nd Steve Andrews 3rd James Gardner
The 2014 Championships was a great competition; a couple of the 'entered' lifters couldn't make it at the last minute which left
16 in total to take to the platform in two groups. The lifting was first class throughout as all the lifters equipped themselves
well, and put on a great show. As you can see from the results several records tumbled on the day. In the first group the girls
lifted well, it was fairly close between Paula and Nadia over the four lifts, but Paula managed to stay ahead for the win and a
few records also. Karen lifted great too and pulled a 75k One hand deadlift to show there is life in the Masters Classes also
(many years ago and before Breast Cancer, Karen was the first IAWA female to pull 100 kilos) Steve Andrews was in great
form and so too was young Chris Findon who had many pb's but had to be content to come second behind the Master on this
occasion. Paul Barette showed good style too in the 75 class, whilst the 80 kilos title went to Luke Davis, who continues to
improve with each event. Ed Shorttle took the Masters title at 80 kilos also. Adrian Pryor showed his strength and ability taking
the 85k title, whilst James Gardner lifted out of his skin to take the 95k class, with an outstanding 200 kilos one hand deadlift,
also getting 221.5k off the floor! Barry Gordge took the Masters title at 110 kilos and a record in the OH Deadlift too. Phil Crisp
took the Open title with a very strong showing , British Masters records, and Masters World Record in the Cheat Curl. Mark
Haydock continued to be the' human lifting machine' we have all come to know over recent years. His lifts were all immense,
and he pulled the heaviest deadlift I ever witnessed using the hand front and bar across the legs style. Big Graham Saxton
was on good form and also pulled some nice pb's on the day, whilst Cliff Dunlop had mixed fortunes, but with some very good
lifts took the 125+ title. Well done to Frank for putting the event on, and to all who travelled to be there to lift or officiate,
making it a great day and well worthy of the IAWA title! A special well done to those who got themselves into
the rankings for
the Best Lifter Awards, you all lifted superbly amongst great company!
IAWA(UK) Olympic Lifting Championships - 5th July - Tiverton Weightlifting Club, Devon
Madelaine Ell - Jevan Cockbain - Mina Ell
Mark Haydock - Tom Allsopp
The British Olympic Championships were held at Tiverton, under the promotion of Mark Rattenberry. 16 lifters took part and
there were some great performances with many records broken. Congratulations to all but especially to the Best lifter award
winners: Best Junior: Jevan Cockbain, Best Female: Mina Ell, Best Master: Tom Allsopp and Best Open: Mark Haydock.
In the Champions of Champions Overall Best Lifter rankings, Mark Haydock was first, Tom Allsopp was second and John
Kavanagh was third! Great lifting by all, including our Junior lifters pictured below, well done Madelaine, Jevan and Mina!
See Results
page for full
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1 POWERHOUSE1 Mark Haydock, James Gardner, Peter Tryner 949.5
2 GRANBY GRIPPERS Steve Sherwood, Steve Andrews, Mark Shaw 940.5
3 METAMORFIT Philippe Crisp, Adrian Pryor, Joe Morris1 862.6
4 TIVERTON W.L.C.1 Gary Ell, Jevan Cockbain, Mark Rattenberry 854.0
5 POWERHOUSE2 Luke Davis, Paula Thompson, Chris Findon 841.9
6 The Iron Clan1 Nick Swain1, Sam Hills1, Jenn Tibbenham 784.9
7 TIVERTON W.L.C.2 Peter Hoar, Thomas Cleverley, Patrick Burt 717.2
8 POWERHOUSE3 Ciro Crispano, Graham Saxton, Karen Gardner 636.7
9 SUNBURY Trevor Evans, Andy Murtagh, 559.3
10 METAMEN Ed Shorttle 226.0
11 GRANBY GRIPPERS 2 Josh Warren 200.6
12 The Iron Clan2 Lesley Swain 168.3

1 Steve Sherwood 365.3
2 Mark Haydock 342.6
3 Steve Andrews 333.0
4 Andy Murtagh 328.2
5 Philippe Crisp 320.1
6 Peter Tryner 308.7
7 James Gardner 298.2
8 Luke Davis 290.7
9 Gary Ell 290.3
10 Paula Thompson 289.7
11 Jevan Cockbain 289.6
12 Nick Swain1 287.3

Leg 4 Lifts:
Clean and Jerk
Rectangular Fix
4 The Iron Clan1
11 The Iron Clan2

TOP 10 Individuals
1 Mark Haydock 1570.5
2 Steve Sherwood 1414.1
3 Steve Andrews 1405.9
4 Philippe Crisp 1368.3
5 Gary Ell 1324.2
6 Nick Swain 1317.7
7 Sam Hills 1278.0
8 James Gardner 1229.2
9 Mark Rattenberry 1225.4
10 Luke Davis 1191.5

The British Single Arm Championships
16th August - Glasgow, Scotland
Lifts: OH Snatch OH DB Swing OH C & J

This years event was great, 14 lifters and loads of
enthusiasm. Records tumbling all over the place and
the competition between the lifters was awesome.
Well done to Andy Tomlin, Matt Finkle and all at
Castlemilk Gym for putting on a great day. Sadly
Matt Finkle missed it all through illness.
See Results page for full details!
Best Master Lifter: Steve Andrews - Best Open Lifter: Mark Haydock
Overall Champion:
1st Steve Andrews 2nd Mark Haydock 3rd John Kavanagh

PHOTOS: Left Below: Mathew Wells OH Snatch
Below: Steve Andrews recieves his Overall Best Lifter award from Bill Wright
Bottom: The lifters and Officials group Photo
The IAWA World Postal Championships 2014
The Andy Goddard Memorial

Please see the results file below, click on the link to bring up 7 pages of results.
This year was the first official IAWA World Postal championships, and what a
terrific success it has been. When you look through the results you will be
amazed to see that 78 lifters representing 8 different Nations took part in the
competition. 32 teams in total. Well done to all the lifters who took part and the
officials, supporters and helpers that made it happen. I am sure that Andy would
be really impressed with everyone's efforts and I think we did his memory proud!
Look through the results to se 1 the team rankings 2 the individual lifter rankings
and 3 the class titles awarded in bodyweight and age divisions!
25th Oct - IAWA Gold Cup World Record Breakers - Burton
England - Steve Gardner Tel: 01283 713464 E Mail:
stevegardneruk@gmail.com Burton Powerhouse AR W/lifting
Academy - Star Foundation, Queen St, Burton DE14 3LP
Top Left: Lifters and Officials
Top Right: Junior - Matt Jones
Middle Left: The Turkish Get
Up Team Winners - James
Gardner (Powerhouse)
Nadia Da Silva (Metamorfit)
Middle Right: Paul Barette
(Event Peomoter)
Bottom Left: James Gardner
Bottom Right: Paul Barette
with the top 3 Best Lifters:
Pate Tryner, James Gardner
and Luke Davis
Southern Open Championships - Sunday 14th Sept. - Metamorfit Gym, Eastbourne
The Southern Championships was a great event with 18 lifters
taking part. youngest Liffter was Matt Jones 18 in his first
contest, with the most Senior lifter being Clive Madge at 65 years
young. Some excellent lifting was the order of the day with lots of
records broken in all 3 disciplines: The Alternate Grip Bench
Press, The OH DBell Swing and the Turkish Get Up. The event
was also a match between Burton Powerhouse team and the
Metamorfit Gym team. Burton Powerhouse won the match.
Overall Best Lifter was James Gardner followed by Pete Tryner
and Luke Davis.
See Results page fpr details:
Well done to Paul Barette and the Metamorfit crewe
for putting on a great competition. NOTE: John
Mehner 65yrs also broke the RH DLift record with
130.5 kilos at 95k Class