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Welcome to I.A.W.A. (UK)
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IAWA Rule Book - Dec 2014
2015 IAWA GOLD CUP 27th November - Perth Australia
The 2015 IAWA(UK) British Powerlifting Championships at Tiverton
Saturday 4th April -
see Results Page for Full Details!
A brilliant day at Tiverton, 25 lifters on the platform, our 2 guest lifters from
Hungary were a pleasure to watch and well done to Merton for taking the IAWA
Record in the Bench Press. It was great to see new lifters again on the
platform: Hannah Vacova was outstanding in her first competition, as was Rory
Hoad from Eastbourne and Big Webster Reid from Burton, Hanah and Rory
both broke records, and Webster pushed out the biggest Bench Press in IAWA
at 190 kilos in his first ever competition! The Juniors Division was well
represented, Mina and Maddie Ell were on good from taking records and so too
were Liam Keddy, Matt Jones and Jevan Cockbain, again lots of records
tumbling. The ladies were also well represented with Nadia Silva and Paula
Thompson who both gave a competent performance. The Masters lifters were
on fire, especially Barry Gordge who was amazing, and Graham Saxton and
Steve Andrews too all striking a blow for the over 50s, well done lads! Masters
lifters over 40: Mark Haydock (only went and pulled IAWAs biggest ever
Deadlift at 323 kilos) and Hilario De Rocha and Pete Tryner executed some
nice lifts too. The Open Division saw some good head to heads as well, Joe
Morris came out on top in the 80k Class ahead of Rory Hoad and Brian
Heyburn, Josh Davidson finished ahead of Dean Kent with great lifting from
both in the 110k Class. It was a shame that Paul Barette was injured before he
could go for his big Deadlift, but bravely posted a token weight to finish. Steve
Moss continues to develop his abilities with each competition, and Neil Keddy is
starting to get back to form too (Nice lifting suit as well Neil!). All in all it was
a super day in great company…Well done Mark Rattenberry and co, and well
done to all the lifters who acted asofficials and loaders, Long Live IAWA(UK
Photos Below
Left to Right:

Nadia Silva
Best Female Lifter

Mark Haydock
Overall Champion

Jevan Cockbain
Best Junior Lifter

Joe Morris
Best Open Lifter
Barry Gordge
2nd Overall Best Lifter
Mark Haydock Pulled 323k Deadlift
Webster Reid Benched 190 kilos
Hana Vacova

Rory Hoad
Below: Pete Tryner
3rd Overall Best Lfter
Venue: Castlemilk Community Centre - G45 9UG
Weigh in (Both Days) 9am - Lifting at (Both Days) 10am
Entry Fee: £35 - Banquet Fee: £25
For all other enquiries contact the promoter: David McFadzean: Tel: 07939 353797
Email davimcf@hotmail.com or contact via facebook
Hotel Information: Download Here:
It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I report on the passing of Jason Dorn.
On Friday 15th May 2015 Jason lost his fight with Cancer. He passed peacefully at
Derby Hospital. Jason was a wonderful Dad and loving Husband. He will be missed by
all who knew him. Our thoughts are with Selina and their two sons at this time...
Above: Jason Dorn in Action!
The Viking Strongman Challenge - 24th May 2015 - Powerhouse Gym, Burton on Trent
: Log Press - Farmers Walk - The Heavy Stone Throw - The Deadlift High Pull Reps - The Tyre Flip

Ladies Under 60 Kilos - Winner: Nadia Silva (The South) 9pts Runner Up: Paula Thompson 6pts
Ladies Under 80 kilos - Winner: Chloe Brennan (Midlands) 5pts - Chloe was also the
Ladies Junior Champion and Paula was the Ladies Masters Champion
Mens Under 80 kilos - Winner: Luke
Davis (Midlands) 28.5 pts Runner Up: Rory Hoad (The South) 26.5 pts 3rd Place: James McKenna
(Scotland and the North) 17 pts 4th Place: Chris Findon (Midlands) 15 pts 5th Place: Matt Wells
(The North) 13 pts 6th Place: Ed Shorttle (The South) 6pts - James McKenna was Masters 40+ and
Scottish Champion and Ed Shorttle the 55+ Masters Champion
Mens Under 100 Kilos - Winner: James
Gardner (Midlands) 36 pts - Runner Up: Pete Tryner (Midlands) 35 pts 3rd Place: Richard Metcalf
(The North) 32 pts 4th Place: Clive Madge (The South) 21 pts 5th Place: Adrian Pryor (The South)
20 pts 6th Place: Hilario De Rocha (The South) 19 pts 7th Place: James Ramprton (The South) 10
pts 8th Place: Neil Keddy (Wales and the Midlands) 8 pts - Pete Tryner was Masters 40+ Championr -
Clive Madge was Masters 65+ Champion Adrian Pryor was Masters 45+ Champion
Mens Over 100 Kilos -
Webster Reid (Midlands) 15 pts - Runner Up: Josh Davidson (Midlands) 14.5 pts 3rd Place:
Mark Haydock (The North) 13.5 pts 4th Place: Matt Jones (Midlands) 7 pts - Webster was Masters
40+ Champion and Matt Jones was the Junior Champion

A Report by the Promoter: Steve Gardner -The action of the day started with the Ladies Axle Bar Press for
Reps in 60 seconds, Paula set a tremendous mark with 9 reps on the 35k axle bar, Nadia followed and did
11 reps. Chloe Brennan in her first competition then went with 40 kilos and pressed out 8 super reps. The
mens under 80 log press, all the guys were good but the battle was between Luke Davis and Rory Hoad
who both scored 10 reps with the 65 kilo log. James McKenna took third spot. In the Mens Under 100 the
action was electric, the win went to Pete Tryner with 10 reps on the 75 kilo log with Rich Metcalf in
second with 9 and James Gardner took 3rd place In the Heavies, Webster Reid took the win with ten reps
on 85 kilos with Josh Davidson and Mark Haydock tying for second with 9 reps each. The second event
was the Farmers walk, in the ladies under 60 Paula was second with 19 seconds for the 35 metre carry
with 90 kilos and Nadia took the win with 16 seconds, Chloe carrying 110 kilos completed the course in
17.9. Mens Under 80 saw Luke Davis take the points carrying the 180 kilos in 21 seconda with Rory Hoad
second in 25 seconds with Chris Findon pulling out a tremendous effort to take third place. Mens Under
100 saw two of the eight men complete the course carrying 210 kilos, Rich Metcalf was first with 18.8
seconds and Pete Tryner was second in 18.3 seconds. James Gardner was third, looking like he would
have been the fastest, but he stumbled a couple of metres from the line and had to settle for third place.
Mens Over 100 was another tense battle. Webster Reid took first place completing the course with 240
kilos in 26 seconds and Mark Haydock in second with 30 seconds, Josh Davidson taking third. The Heavy
Stone throw was an exciting affair. The Ladies Under 60 Winner was Paula Thompson, with Nadia in
Second and Chloe Brennan threw well to take her points with 6.78 metres. The Men under 80 winner was
Rory Hoad with 7.22 over Luke Davis 6.81 with Chris Findon picking up another great 3rd place. Mens
Under 100 saw James Gardner strike for his first win with 8.50 metres with Pete Tryner in second at 8.25
and Clive Madge pushing through with a big last round effort to claim third place. Mens over 100 saw a win
for Josh Davidson with 8.34 metres with Mark Haydock second and Matt Jones coming through for third
place. The Deadlift reps for 60 seconds, In the Ladies Nadia took the Win with Paula second, Nadia repped
for 23 with 70 kilos in the Axle bar Deadlift and Paula 19, whilst Chloe completed 21 reps with 80 kilos!
Mens under 80 saw the win go to Luke Davis with an amazing 36 reps on 180 kilos and Rory taking second
with 30 James McKenna taking 3rd spot. Mens under 100 was tremendous, Pete Tryner completed 30 reps
with 200 kilos, but Rich Matcalf went to 32 and James Gardner took his second win with an outstanding 41
reps. In the Mens Over 100 it was close again, this time with 220 kilos Mark Haydock took the win pipping
Webster Reid by one, 32 reps to 31, with Josh Davidson in Third. The Final event: the Tyre flip for
distance, Nadia took the win with a distance of 19.70 metres in 60 seconds with Paula second with 15.60,
Chloe Brennan took her points with 27.60 metres. Mens Under 80 was won by Luke Davis the only one to
complete the full 20 metere distance in 44 seconds, Rory did 19 metres for second and James McKenna
took third place, Mens Under 100 kilos was close again, James Gardner took the win with a complete 25
metre distance in 51 seconds with Pete Tryner second completing in 54 and Hilario De Rocha coming
through for third place. Mens over 100 saw great performances again, Josh Davidson completing an
amazing 30 metres in 50 seconds, Webster Reid taking second and Matt Jones striking for third place.
Photos: Above Left -: Webster Reid Winner Over 100k Above Right: - The Competitors and Officials
Below Left:- Chloe Brennan Ladies Under 80k Winner - Nadia Silva Ladies Under 60k Winner - Luke Davis Mens Under 80k
Winner - James Gardner Mens under 100k Winner
2nd June - Just attended the service for Jason Dorns Funeral.
In a packed church in Ilkeston I felt proud to be standing with his
family and friends as we listened to a wonderful speech about
Jason and his short life by his best mate. Jason achieved so
many things in martial arts and weightlifting both as a competitor
and mentor but he was also a loving husband father son and
many more things to those who knew him. Iawa(uk) was well
represented Jason was a member of my club for a number of
years before starting the Paragon Barbell club. ...Karen and I
were joined in the congregation by Frank Allen Steve Andrews
Mark Price....All of the fantastic Paragon team and many more
who were present in spirit. Selina was amazing.....a very brave
lady......like Jasons friend said....We will never forget him..and
like the Vicar said.....what a legacy he left behind...rest well now
Jason Dorn and farewell my friend x
IAWA(UK) British All Round Championships - 6.6.15 - Eastbourne
The British All Round Championships was an
outstanding success, well done to Paul Barette
and those at Metamorfit Gym for putting on a
great Championship. Thanks to all the Offficials
and Loaders who helped to make the event
such a great spectacle and of course the 20
lifters who performed the three disciplines on
the platform: Reflex Clean and Push Press,
The Hacklift and The Zercher. It was great to
see new lifters competing alongside top level
Internationals, with an age range from 13 to 66
the action was electric, and there were lots of
records broken on the day too.
See full
results on the Results page!
Photos Left: Top: Group One Lifters
Bottom: Group Two Lifters
Rory Hoad - Overall Best Lifter with the Health and Strength Trophy .........Nadia Silva - Overall Best Female
Steve Sherwood - Overall Best Master Lifter .......Matt Jones - Overall Best Junior Lifter
Paul Barettes Record Hack 250k - Liam Keddy:lightest & Youngest lifter - Webster Reid Biggest & Heaviest
British Olympics
Saturday 4th July 2015
Powerhouse Gym
Burton on Trent
The lifters and Officials at the Olympics Competition
The lifters and officials at the British Olympic Championship at Burton on Trent....It was a super
day of competition with 21 lifters giving it 'their all' on the platform. There were many outstanding
performances....lots of records were broken: British and Worlds, Open Juniors and Masters....it
was just a brilliant day so a big 'well done' toeveryone. ...it was great to see new faces on the
platform again in the shape of Junior Josh Hulse, Open lifter Steve Howarth and Masters lifter
Chelene Din who all lifted with great style and technique showing great promise for the future.
Some big lifts on the day included a new World Reacord Press for Webster Reid qith 115.5 kilos,
Dean Kent with a great 124.5 Clean and Jerk and Mark Haydock with 130.5 kilos too! The Best
Female lifter award went to Paula Thompson the Best Junior award went to Matt Jones the Best
Master award went to Mark Haydock and the Best Open Lifter award went to Dean Kent. The
Overall Champion of Champions Cup was awarde to Mark Haydock. ...full results are on the
results page!
New Lifters: Steve Howarth - Chelene Din - Josh Hulse
Overall Top Three Lifters: Dean Kent - Steve Andrews - Mark Haydock
The Farm Strength
Strongman Sunday
19th July
at Salmesbury near
Ladies Under 70 kilos Champion - Paula Thompson 30 points
Ladies Over 70 Kilos Champion - Chloe Brennan 30 points
Mens Under 100 Kilos Champion - James Gardner 26.5 points
Mens Under 100 Kilos Runner Up - Pete Tryner 26 points
Mens Under 100 kilos Third place - Yiannis Verenakis (Greece) 17.5 pts
Mens Under 100 Kilos 4th Place - James McKenna (Scotland)
Mens Under 100 Kilos Fifth Place - Matt Wells
Mens Under 100 kilos Sixth Place - Steve Howarth
Mens Over 100 kilos Champion - Mark Haydock 28 points
Mens Over 100 kilos Runner Up - Webster Reid 24.5 points
Mens Over 100 Kilos Third Place - Josh Davidson 21 points
Mens Over 100 kilos Fourth Place - Matt Jones (And Junior Champion)
Mens Over 100 kilos Fifth Place - Dean Kent
Mens Over 100 kilos Sixth Place - Graham Saxton (And Masters 50+ Champion)
The Farm Strength Strongman -19th July
A very gruelling day for the competitors, the first event was a Dumbbells Medley, with Bells at 40
and 50 kilos and 45 and 50 kilos with 2 " rods and then 55k and the Monster Big Bertha (no one
locked out big Bertha) the next event was the Dinnies lift using the replica Dinnies handles..the
girls had 95 kg and 72.5 kg and lifted well, the light men had 150kg and 110kg (75% of the actual
Dinnies) and again some great results with Pete Tryner repping out 34 reps and James Gardner
38. The heavies went to the full 100% with 185kg and 145kg. Josh Davidson made 6 reps Webster
Reid 15 reps and Mark an amazing 20 Reps! Onto the Squat lockout starting from 2/3rds
height..ouch! The weights banged on after each rep..no rest! some great performances again, in the
under 100s Yiannis did a great 245k and in the heavies Mark Haydock reached 325k...the trap bar
hold was up next ..the girls were holding 137.5kg (300lbs) and Chloe Brennan managed a superb
49 seconds, in the light mens (holding with 227.5kg (500lbs) Pete Tryner went to an impressive
39 seconds and James Gardner 36 seconds...the heavies held 272.5kg (600lbs) and Webster
Reid held it for an outrageous 54 seconds ahead of Marks great 52 seconds! The last event was
just wrestling with a Monster...Marks Salmesbury Stone, big, heavy, awkward and defiant (no not
Mark Lol!) the Stone, the competitors had to lift from the floor for 1 point, lap it on knees for 3
points and stand with it to body above the belt for 5 points. It was a great final event, both Dean
Kent and Mark Haydock managed a 5 pointer, with Mark winning the heavies event ahead of
Webster Reid and then Josh Davidson, and Pete Tryner winning the Under 100s with James
Gardner in second..all I can say is..well done again, you all deserve a rest now! .......and well done
new members: Steve Howarth and Yiannis Verenakis!