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Welcome to I.A.W.A. (UK)
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Chris Bass - Phone No,s: 01472 250918 or 07752978938
and new Address: 72 Beverley Crescent, Grimsby DN32 9TJ
The National Clubs Championships for the
Battle of Britain Trophy 16th January 2016:
Seven teams took part in this thrilling event
competing on the 3 disciplines: Continental Clean,
Fulton Deadlift and Dumbbells Anyhow. The 31
lifters represented: Metamorfit (South)
Hoghton Barbell (North) Paragon Ladies
(East Midlands) Welsh Dragons
(Wales)Burton Powerhouse Vikings
(Midlands) Welsh Dragoness's (Wales)
Burton Powerhouse Warriors (Midlands
The Top Three club finishers were: Top Left: 1st Burton Powerhouse Vikings
Top Right:
2nd Hoghton Barbell Club Above Right: 3rd Metamorfit Gym,
see results for full details:
Top 3 Individual Finishers:(L to R)1st James Gardner 2nd Mark Haydock 3rd Pete Tryner
COMING SOON ..........
The British Grip Championships 2016
The lifters and officials at the British Grip Championships at Preston
Mark Haydock (promoter)
Big 280 kilos Dumbbells Deadlift
A lifter returned from the past: Don Gardner
on the platform again after almost 20 years!
A new lifter to IAWA: Diane Baldrey
Ladies 75k Class Winner
Pete Tryner - Best Masters Lifter and
Overall Best Lifter
Steve Sherwood (Masters 60+)Champion
took some big records on the day
Chris Findon - Battled it out with Matt Wells
in the 70 kilos Class (pb D/bells /Dlift)
The British Grip Championships 2016 was hosted by Mark Haydock at the Lancashire Lions Den in
Samlesbury near Preston. The competition was very lively and exciting, with some great lifts going
down and records falling left, right and centre. Everyone lifted really well, and some big lifts included
James Gardner going 190k and 195k in the 2x2" Vertical Bars and Mark Haydock scoring 210k,
James Gardner Pete Tryner and Mark Haydock all going over 200 kilos in the Dumbells Deadlift,
with Pete pulling 270 and Mark an outstanding 280 kilos.. It was a great day, and the atmosphere
was electric, very impressive by everyone indeed!
(See Results Page for details! )
The Bert Spencer Trophy Set
Name Age Class 2H Press 2H Snatch 2H C&J TOTAL Points

Webster Reid M 40+ 125+ 108.0 68.0 120.0 296.0BR 287.2
Steve Sherwood1 M 60+ 80 60.0 65.0 72.5 197.5 280.3
Steve Andrews1 M 55+ 70 65.0 52.5 70.0 187.5 271.4
Clive Madge M 65+ 105 70.0 55.0 75.0 200.0BR 254.8
Philippe Crisp1 M 45+ 110 84.2 74.2 84.2 242.6 251.1
Rory Hoad M Open 80 75.0 55.0 80.0 210.0 235.5
Lee Coton M Open 95 62.5 62.5 85.0 210.0 217.8
Sam Hills1 M 50+ 85 58.2 50.2 60.2 168.6 214.9
James Gardner M Open 100 68.0 65.0 78.0 211.0 212.9
Luke Davis M Open 75 53.0 53.0 68.0 174.0 205.3
Josh Davidson M Open 115 68.0 68.0 78.0 214.0BR 199.0
Matt Jones M Open 125 58.0 58.0 87.0 203.0BR 187.7
Ryan Burchett1 M Open 115 70.0 50.0 80.0 200.0 185.3
Ed Shorttle M 55+ 80 50.0 35.0 50.0 135.0 184.7
Mark Shaw M 55+ 80 47.5 40.0 50.0 137.5 180.7
Jeff Luther M 60+ 75 39.2 39.2 37.8 116.2 172.8
Don Gardner M 50+ 95 48.0 48.0 48.0 144.0BR 170.6
Steven Mepham1 M Open 100 65.0 45.0 60.0 170.0 169.1
Chris Powell1 M 40+ 95 65.0 45.0 50.0 160.0 168.3
Paula Thompson F 40+ 55 24.0 24.0 35.0 83.0 167.3
Gareth Edwards M Open 95 60.0 45.0 55.0 160.0 165.5
Chris Findon M Open 70 36.0 36.0 60.0 132.0 162.7
Trevor Evans M 70+ 80 35.6 31.7 35.3 102.6 162.1
Paul Barette1 M Open 75 45.0 45.0 40.0 130.0 160.1
Chloe Brennan F Open 75 30.0 30.0 40.0 100.0BR 157.5
Mark Bowles M Open 125+ 43.0 43.0 65.0 151.0 139.6
Gary Redfern Smith M 40+ 110 40.0 40.0 60.0 140.0 138.7
Charlotte Boniface F Open 70 25.0 25.0 30.0 80.0 135.3
Natalie Voce1 F Open 90 35.0 25.0 35.0 95.0 133.7
Elizabeth Edwards1 F Open 60 25.0 20.0 25.0 70.0 131.3
Mandy Hughes F Open 95 30.0 30.0 35.0 95.0 131.2
Ian Thomas M Open 75 45.0 35.0 30.0 110.0 131.0
Jenny Watson F 45+ 60 20.0 20.0 25.0 65.0BR 130.3
Steve Moss M Open 105 40.0 40.0 48.0 128.0 126.3
Nic Porter M Open 75 30.0 30.0 45.0 105.0 124.2
Graham Saxton M 50+ 125 34.0 34.0 46.0 114.0BR 121.5
Nic Robinson M Open 90 30.0 30.0 55.0 115.0 121.0
Diane Baldry F 50+ 70 20.0 20.0 25.0 65.0 116.9
Karen Gardner F 55+ 80 20.0 20.0 26.0 66.0BR 115.9
Josh Hulse M 13&U 60 15.0 15.0 25.0 55.0 99.9
Pete Tryner M 40+ 95 30.0 30.0 30.0 90.0 94.3

Big Webster Reid:
2016 Winner of the
Bert Spencer Trophy
The Bert Spencer Trophy
Rankings are kept each year
to decide the Winner of the
Bert Spencer Trophy

This award is decided in Leg
One of the National All Round

Bert Spencer was a prolific
Dumbells lifter and this trophy
is given for the best
ammended total each year on
the following lifts:

Dumbells Press, Dumbells
Swing and Dumbells Clean
and Jerk
Rest in Peace
Mike Archer........
Nick Swain, Frank Allen and Steve
Andrews along with some other
IAWA(UK) members attended the
Funeral Service for Mike Archer..... A
huge light in the World of all round
weightlifting Mike will be sadly missed by
all who knew him and our thoughts are
with the family arc this difficult time......

Its All Action at the 2016 Midlands Open Championships
Saturday 5th March - The Haven Gym, Grimsby - Full results on results page!
A super competition took place at the Haven, well done to Chris Bass and his supporters at
Grimsby for putting on such a good show, fifteen lifters took part and completed the four
disciplines: The One Hand Snatch, The Continental Clean and Jerk, The Front Squat and the
Pullover at Arms Length. Lots of Pbs were achieved and lots of records were broken and set
too.The Competition went smoothly, and at the Awards presentation, the two perpetual
awards were presented: The Bill Jelly Award for the Best Performance by an Open Lifter
went to Josh Davidson, and the Peter Ready Trophy for the Best Performance by a Master
Lifter went to Peter Tryner.

Before the competition started, the lifters, Officials and audience all stood together to observe
a minutes silence - this mark of respect was in memory of John Watson, long time IAWA
member and member of the Haven Gym who passed last year, but was always one of the
organisers for the event at Grimsby. ....And also to Remember Mike Archer from Sunnbury
and Hastings clubs, another long time IAWA member and stalwart of All Round Weightlifting in
Great Britain, who sadley passed a week ago.
Photos: Top: Andy Tomlin, Pete Tryner, Pete with Pete Rady Trophy
2nd Row: Josh Davidson, Josh with Bill Jelley Award, Gary Redfern-Smith
Photos: Below: Matt Wells, Chloe Brennan, Tom Allsopp, Steve Andrews
2016 British Powerlifting Championships
Eastbourne 2nd April - Promoter: Paul Barette

What a great Championships we had at Metamorfit Gym,
20 lifters took part and the lifting was just brilliant, lots of
records fell on the day.
See Results Page for Details!
: Left: Some of the Lifters and Officials after the
Presentation Below Left: Josh Davidson-Best Open Lifter
Middle: Chloe Brennan-Best Female Lifter
Right: Mark Haydock-Best Masters & Overall Best Lifter
Action Photos:

Far left: David Sipos
Left: Webster Reid's 300k
Below Left: Brian Heyburn
Below Middle: Gary Ell
Below Right : Chris Findon
We are pleased to announce that Frank Allen is out of
Hospital and recovering back at home!
The Third Annual Viking Challenge 2016 - The Jason Dorn Memorial Promoted by Steve
Gardner at Burton Powerhouse, Burton on Trent Saturday 21st May
This year's event was designed so people could choose to enter just the 3 Old Time Strongman
lifts, or to also perform the other 3 regular Strongman events as well, completing all 6 for the
Viking Strongman Challenge!
The Old Time Strongman Results - Competitors completing the 3 old time events: The Cyr
Dumbell Press, The Hackenschmidt Press and The Dinnies Lift:
Joshua Hulse - Junior Under 80k OTS Champion
Paula Thompson - Ladies Under 60k OTS Champion
Diane Baldrey - Ladies 50+ Under 80k OTS Champion
Karen Gardner - Ladies 55+ Under 80k OTS Champion
Gary Ell - Mens Under 100k 45+ OTS Champion
Don Gardner - Mens Under 100k 50+ OTS Champion
Josh Davidson - Mens 100k Plus OTS Champion
Gary Redfern Smith - Mens 40+ 100k Plus OTS Champion
Graham Saxton - Mens 50+ 100k Plus OTS Champion
The Viking Strongman Results - Competing on all 6 trials of Strength: The Three Old Time
Lifts, plus: The Keg Loading. The Axle Press Reps and the Farmers Walk: Ladies Under 60k
Champion: Nadia Silva Ladies
Under 80k Champion: Chloe Brennan
Ladies Under 80k Runner Up: Selina Dorn
Ladies Under 80k Third Place : Nicola Thornhill
Ladies 80+ Champion: Tasha MaCauley
Mens Under 80k Champion: Rory Hoad
Mens Under 80k Runner Up: Luke Davis
Mens Under 80k Third Place: Chris Findon
Mens Under 80k Fourth Place: Ian Thomas
Mens Under 100k Champion: Pete Tryner
Mens Under 100k Runner Up: James Gardner
Mens Under 100k Third = Rich Metcalf
Mens Under 100k Third = Mark Price
Mens Under 100k Fifth Place: Hilario De Rocha
Mens Under 100k Sixth Place: Sam Hartshorne (Junior)
Mens 100k Plus Champion: Webster Reid
Mens 100k Plus Runner Up: Matt Jones
Referee: Steve Gardner Assistants: Graham Saxton Paul Barette Loaders: Graham Saxton
Don Gardner
It was a super day of Strongman at the Powerhouse for the third Annual Viking Strongman, which
was dedicated to the memory of Jason Dorn. Despite losing a few competitors through injury and
other urgent commitments we still had 25 people taking part.....9 did the Old Time Strongmen set
of three lifts and the other 16 competed in the full Strongman set of six events.....and a gruelling
set it was too. I was very proud of all the contestants but in particular of Selina Dorn, Selina was
not only there with her Paragon team representing Jason's club, but with her two wonderful boys
Seth and Stan who were just a delight to be around...and I just know Jason would have been
looking down and bursting with pride. A big well done to everyone who took part in the events and
especially to the Champions In the Overall Strongman event: the ladies Under 60 Winner was
Nadia Silva the ladies Under 80 Champion was Chloe Brennan with Selina Dorn as Runner Up
and Tasha Macauley was the ladies Over 80k Champion. In the Mens Under 80k the Winner by
one point was Rory Hoad with Luke Davis as Runner Up..... Mens Under 100 kilos Champion
was Pete Tryner with James Gardner as Runner Up and Mens 100k plus Winner was Webster
Reid with Matt Jones as Runner Up. I would like to thank Graham Saxton Don Gardner and Paul
Barette for their tremendous help loading and judging all day....... The 2016 Viking Strongman was
a great hit once again, thanks to the wonderful competitors and great crowd of supporters!
Very Proud: Team Paragon!
Nadia Silva U60k Champion - Tasha MaCaulet 80+ Champion - Chloe Brennan U80k Champion
Rory Hoad U80k Champion - Pete Tryner U100k Champion - Webster Reid 100+ Champion