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Welcome to I.A.W.A. (UK)
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Top Photo: Group One Lifters - Above Photo: Group Two Lifters
2015 IAWA World Championships - Glasgow Scotland
Photos: Top Left: Mark Haydock 300k Straddle - Top Right: James Gardner 140k One Arm Zercher
Announcers Table: Chris Steve Judy and Al - Steve Andrews - Third Place in the Overall Rankings!
October 2015
Overall Best Lifters
1st Mark Haydock
2nd James Gardner
3rd Steve Andrews
The 28th Annual IAWA World All Round Weightlifting Championships - With 34 lifters
representing: England, Scotland, USA, Ireland, Wales and Finland, completing 7 disciplines over the two
days, it certainly made for a very busy weekend. The lifting ran through very smooth, and it was great to
see that all of the lifters were engaged in loading and spotting and refereeing when they weren't lifting,
many hands make light work and the enthusiasm produced in the room was just electric. We were treated
to excellent lifting across the board, with bags full of records (and some great records too) being
broken. It was great to see eight female competitors taking part, and a great mix of Open Division,
Juniors and Masters as well. Once again several new lifters were on the platform, and all showed great
promise for the future. Well done to David McFadzean and his support team at Castlemilk for promoting a
great event. It was really nice that the youngest Competitor: Liam Keddy celebrated his 14th Birthday on
the first day of competition, and the oldest: Art Montini celebrated his 88th Birthday on the second day
too, thanks to Janet Dick, Judy Habecker and Karen Gardner for arranging the cake, it was a great
surprise for Art. Well done to all and especially to the Overall Champion: Mark Haydock who received the
new IAWA Championship Belt that had been supplied by members of David's family to be used as a
perpetual Award at the World Championships. Mark finished the day with a huge 300 kilos Straddle
Dates of 2016 Worlds: Lebanon PA USA Denny Habecker 8th / 9th October and Gold Cup: Kansas USA
Al Myers Saturday 22nd October! - 2017 Worlds: Perth Australia John Mahon and Gold Cup: Glasgow,
Scotland George Dick - 2018 Worlds: Manchester England: Mark Haydock and Gold Cup: Burton
England Steve Gardner
The IAWA(UK) 8th Bi Annual Hall of Fame Induction Dinner
Mark Haydock (presented by James Gardner)John Gardner (presented by Graham Saxton)
Chris Bass (presented by Frank Allen)
Andrew Tomlin (presented by Bill Wright)
On Saturday 7th November, a group of 50 assembled
at Branston Golf Club in Burton to witness and support
the inductees on their special evening. There were 30
active IAWA(UK) members present and 8 inducted
members of the Hall of Fame along with the impending 4
new members. During the evening a moment was taken
to remember those inducted members no longer with
us. Before dinner the crowd were treated to a
weightlifting display, where 6 lifters broke 5 World
Records between them! After Dinner the presentations
were made to new members and speeches were made
by presenters and recipients. It was a wonderful eveing
amid a great atmosphere. After the presentations a
raffle draw was made, and greatful thanks expressed to
those in the room who supported the raffle, because the
Hall of Fame evening traditionally pays for itself without
drawing on IAWA(UK) funds.
Read about our new
inductees on the Hall of Fame Page!
Victoria Eaglfield - 130 kilos Deadlift
Rory Hoad -Seated
Dumbells Press 65 kilos
Webster Reid - Bench Press 205 kilos
Josh Davidson - Body weight Repetition
Deadlifts 55 Reps with 105k
Chloe Brennan and Matt Jones - 2 Man Mixed Deadlift 300 kilos
Frank Allen - Dancing with his flexible
partner to delight the audience!
Chris Bass - Phone No,s: 01472 250918 or 07752978938
and new Address: 72 Beverley Crescent, Grimsby DN32 9TJ
The IAWA Gold Cup 2015 World Record
Breakers - Perth, Australia. Friday 27th
November - Promoter: John Mahon
See results page for full details a really
great event, 20 World Records broken in all.
The Winner of the Howard Prechtel Award
for the highest Amended Record Score was
Al Myers of the USA. (lifters from England,
Australia and USA)
Photos: Group shot of lifters
officials and guests.
Graham Saxton - One Hand
Bench Press. Al Myers recieves
Award. Karen Gardner - Cont.
Clean. Steve Gardner - Mid
Fingers Straddle. Graham and
Steve recieving Awards from the
Poromoter John Mahon
Leg 6 Team Results:
1 Powerhouse1 Mark Haydock, Pete Tryner, James Gardner 1005.3
2 Metamen Joe Morris, Rory Hoad, Paul Barette 915.6
3 Powerhouse2 Josh Davidson, Luke Davis, Paula Thompson 897.0
4 Granby Grippers Steve Andrews, Steve Sherwood, Mark Shaw 886.0
5 Powerhouse3 Matt Jones, Chris Findon, Chloe Brennan 781.5
6 Tiverton W.L.C.1 Jevan Cockbain, Mark Rattenberry, Thomas Cleverley 762.0
7 The Iron Clan1 Sam Hills, Jenn Tibbenham, Nick Swain 733.6
8 Iron Men Ed Shorttle, Clive Madge, Ryan Burchett 720.0
9 Powerhouse4 Graham Saxton, Steve Moss, Victoria Eaglefield 685.4
10 Sunbury1 Andy Murtagh, Trevor Evans 514.4
11 Chicks that Lift Candice Morris, Natalie Voce, Jenny Watson 450.7
12 MetaMasters Philippe Crisp 312.9
13 Tiverton W.L.C.2 Dion Maynard 193.6
Team Results after all 6 Legs:
1 Powerhouse1 Mark Haydock, Pete Tryner, James Gardner 6223.2
2 Granby Grippers Steve Andrews, Steve Sherwood, Mark Shaw 5641.0
3 Powerhouse2 Luke Davis, Paula Thompson, Josh Davidson 5367.4
4 Metamen Joe Morris, Rory Hoad, Paul Barette 5315.4
5 Sunbury1 Andy Murtagh, Trevor Evans, Harry McCulloch 4935.0
6 Tiverton W.L.C.1 Jevan Cockbain, Mark Rattenberry, Tom Cleverley 4765.8
7 Iron Men Clive Madge, Ed Shorttle, Ryan Burchett 4676.7
8 Powerhouse3 Matt Jones, Graham Saxton, Steve Moss 4671.1
9 The Iron Clan1 Sam Hills, Nick Swain, Jenn Tibbenham 4412.7
10 MetaMasters Philippe Crisp, Adrian Pryor, James Rampton 3890.5
11 Powerhouse4 Chris Findon, Karen Gardner, Chloe Brennan 3673.1
12 Chicks that Lift Jenny Watson, Natalie Voce, Candice Morris 3133.0
13 Iron Maidens Nadia Silva, Clare Rampton, Brian Heyburn 1279.2
14 Tiverton W.L.C.2 Dion Maynard 1227.8
15 Sunbury2 Jeff Luther 740.0
16 The Iron Clan2 Lesley Swain 563.7
17 Granby Grippers2 Mark Godleman, Josh Warren 463.3

2015 IAWA(UK)
All Round Postal League
Leg 6 Individual Results:
1 Mark Haydock 355.9
2 Pete Tryner 331.4
3 Steve Sherwood 329.0
4 Steve Andrews 327.7
5 James Gardner 318.1
6 Andy Murtagh 316.2
7 Rory Hoad 313.4
8 Philippe Crisp 312.9
9 Josh Davidson 310.3
10 Joe Morris 305.4
11 Clive Madge 304.7
12 Luke Davis 301.0
13 Paul Barette 296.8
14 Paula Thompson 285.7
15 Jevan Cockbain 275.1
16 Matt Jones 273.8
17 Mark Rattenberry 271.7

18 Sam Hills 260.1
19 Chris Findon 256.2
20 Chloe Brennan 251.6
21 Graham Saxton 250.9
22 Jenn Tibbenham 240.3
23 Ed Shorttle 234.1
24 Nick Swain 233.1
25 Steve Moss 231.5
26 Mark Shaw 229.3
27 Thomas Cleverley 215.3
28 Victoria Eaglefield 203.1
29 Trevor Evans 198.2
30 Dion Maynard 193.6
31 Ryan Burchett 181.2
32 Jenny Watson 162.8
33 Natalie Voce 152.9
34 Candice Morris 135.0

Final Individual Standings
After 6 Legs:
1 Mark Haydock 2220.4
2 Steve Andrews 2135.9
3 Andy Murtagh 2078.8
4 Pete Tryner 2017.5
5 Steve Sherwood 1973.2
6 Philippe Crisp 1968.1
7 James Gardner 1944.0
8 Clive Madge 1910.1
9 Rory Hoad 1877.7
10 Luke Davis 1813.0
11 Joe Morris 1804.9
12 Sam Hills 1716.9
13 Jevan Cockbain 1701.7
14 Paula Thompson 1653.4
15 Mark Rattenberry 1649.9
16 Paul Barette 1632.9
17 Josh Davidson 1575.0
18 Matt Jones 1558.1
19 Nick Swain 1526.7
20 Graham Saxton 1491.2
21 Mark Shaw 1465.1
22 Steve Moss 1450.4
23 Trevor Evans 1427.1
24 Thomas Cleverley 1414.3

25 Ed Shorttle 1393.3
26 Chris Findon 1265.3
27 Dion Maynard 1227.8
28 Jenn Tibbenham 1159.3
29 Ryan Burchett 1126.3
30 Harry McCulloch 1108.7
31 Jenny Watson 1095.4
32 Jeff Luther 1060.5
33 Adrian Pryor 1001.6
34 Natalie Voce 956.1
35 Candice Morris 955.6
36 James Rampton 920.8
37 Karen Gardner 898.6
38 Nadia Silva 794.7
39 Chloe Brennan 704.2
40 Webster Reed 583.9
41 Lesley Swain 573.5
42 Shaun Jose 556.6
43 Clare Rampton 390.6
44 Mark Godleman 305.1
45 Phil Padget 247.0
46 Josh Warren 225.0
47 Brian Heyburn 219.7
48 Victoria Eaglefield 203.1

Left: Chris Bass
made the
presentation for the
IAWA (uk)
Best performance
by a Junior lifter
during 2015. 3rd
place was Chloe
Brennan 2nd place
was Liam Keddy.
and the Health and
Strength Trophy
was presented to
Winner Matt Jones.
The National Clubs Championships for the
Battle of Britain Trophy 16th January 2016:
Seven teams took part in this thrilling event
competing on the 3 disciplines: Continental Clean,
Fulton Deadlift and Dumbbells Anyhow. The 31
lifters represented: Metamorfit (South)
Hoghton Barbell (North) Paragon Ladies
(East Midlands) Welsh Dragons
(Wales)Burton Powerhouse Vikings
(Midlands) Welsh Dragoness's (Wales)
Burton Powerhouse Warriors (Midlands
The Top Three club finishers were: Top Left: 1st Burton Powerhouse Vikings
Top Right:
2nd Hoghton Barbell Club Above Right: 3rd Metamorfit Gym,
see results for full details:
Top 3 Individual Finishers:(L to R)1st James Gardner 2nd Mark Haydock 3rd Pete Tryner
COMING SOON ...get your entries in!

The British Grip Championships 2016
The lifters and officials at the British Grip Championships at Preston
Mark Haydock (promoter)
Big 280 kilos Dumbbells Deadlift
A lifter returned from the past: Don Gardner
on the platform again after almost 20 years!
A new lifter to IAWA: Diane Baldrey
Ladies 75k Class Winner
Pete Tryner - Best Masters Lifter and
Overall Best Lifter
Steve Sherwood (Masters 60+)Champion
took some big records on the day
Chris Findon - Battled it out with Matt Wells
in the 70 kilos Class (pb D/bells /Dlift)
The British Grip Championships 2016 was hosted by Mark Haydock at the Lancashire Lions Den in
Samlesbury near Preston. The competition was very lively and exciting, with some great lifts going
down and records falling left, right and centre. Everyone lifted really well, and some big lifts included
James Gardner going 190k and 195k in the 2x2" Vertical Bars and Mark Haydock scoring 210k,
James Gardner Pete Tryner and Mark Haydock all going over 200 kilos in the Dumbells Deadlift,
with Pete pulling 270 and Mark an outstanding 280 kilos.. It was a great day, and the atmosphere
was electric, very impressive by everyone indeed!
(See Results Page for details! )