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The IAWA World Postal Championships 2014 - Andy Goddard Memorial
Please see the results file below, click on the link to bring up 7 pages of results. This year was the
first official IAWA World Postal championships, and what a terrific success it has been. When you
look through the results you will be amazed to see that 78 lifters representing 8 different Nations
took part in the competition. 32 teams in total. Well done to all the lifters who took part and the
officials, supporters and helpers that made it happen. I am sure that Andy would be really impressed
with everyone's efforts and I think we did his memory proud! Look through the results to se 1 the
team rankings 2 the individual lifter rankings and 3 the class titles awarded in bodyweight and age
IAWA Rule Book - Dec 2014
IAWA World Championships 2014 (See Honours Board on Results Page!)
Norwood, Massachusetts USA - Promoter: Frank Ciavattone
The 28th Annual IAWA World Championships was an outstanding success, due in no small part to
the work undertaken by the promoter 'Big Frank' and his willing team of supporters and
helpers…known as 'Franks Barbell Club'. After a wonderful get together on the Friday evening the
IAWA World Council Meeting took place at the Old Colonial Hotel in Norwood, where all the business
of IAWA was addressed in good fashion with IAWA International President: Al Myers Chairing the
meeting. At 8am on Saturday morning the weigh in was open with Steve Gardner, Denny Habecker
and George Dick taking care of business in that Department. When all at the score table were ready
(where Steve Gardner and Al Myers performed the announcing duties, assisted with scoring by
Judy Habecker and Chris Bass) the lifters for Group One were introduced to the audience and the
lifting began at 10am sharp. Group one sailed through and at 1.30pm Group two were introduced,
and the lifting was completed by 4.30pm. That the lifting went through so smooth was also aided by
the great job undertaken by the loaders! Day two's lifting followed the same format and lifting was
complete by 4pm.
The lifting over the weekend was absolutely fantastic. A mix of new lifters to the IAWA platform
alongside seasoned World Championships proved to be a winning formula with many outstanding
performances. The Junior ranks were represented by two young men that I cannot say enough
about, Matt Triatti and Matt Hancock lifted 'out of their boots' and were a credit to coach Frank C.
Two young men with a big future in all round lifting for sure. The ladies division was exciting too,
Paula Thompson lifted very well and showed great form as she went on to score the best amended
total followed by Karen Gardner. I can say (and I know this for sure) it is the best performance
Karen has put on since her Breast Cancer Surgery and as she continues her recovery treatment it is
great to see her getting back closer to her previous lifting ability. Jessica Hopps was great, very
keen and a strong girl too, in her first major tournament she lifted like a seasoned professional, with
Susan Sees lifting stronger than ever, it was great to see Bob Geibs gleaming face as he said 'shes
a strong girl aint she!'. Colleen Lane looked so happy as she performed, smiling through out and
putting on a good display, as well as being there to help partner Frank in running the whole show!
The Senior Masters showed everyone the way to go, with superb performances from our 80 plus
lifters Dennis Mitchell and Dick Durante, and of course the ever impressive Art Montini still forging
ahead at 86 years young. Denny Habecker and Bob Geib represented the 70 plus division with style
and several new records between them. In the 60 plus division there was also great lifting from
George Dick and Steve Sherwood, and Steve just rolls on like a machine putting out great numbers
and to good effect too! In the 50 plus groups we had Dave Ellis, it was great to see him back lifting
after 18 years, and Big Frank the promoter pulled some big lifts to please the crowd, and Steve
Gardner took to the platform in a rare appearance these days to support his friend Big Frank (and
despite lifting in a lesser capacity these days, got to say I really enjoyed it). The 40 plus Masters
were a real hot bed of power, we had Joe Ciavattone Snr putting it out there along with the very
strong trio of James Fuller, Al Myers and Chad Ullom who put together the biggest total of the meet.
The Open Division was a strong contest between John Mahon, Sam Trew, Frankie Ciavattone Jnr,
Jim Delaney, Jeff Ciavattone and Joe Ciavattone Jnr, with Joe Jnr coming out on top ahead of Jeff
Ciavattone, with great lifting from all. The 2014 World Championships was 'one of the best' Well done
big Frank!
The presentation of the Awards took place at the Old Colonial Hotel on the Sunday evening following
a sumptuous Banquet, it was a terrific occasion with such a lot to applaud, Frank had one of the
Town Selectmen there to assist him and Colleen, and also Kathy Triatti who had been a big support
to Frank. After the Championships Awards there was a very special presentation, as two IAWA
members received the coveted 'IAWA Award of Merit' this had only been presented twice before, and
it is IAWA's highest award. The Awards were made for personal endeavour, continued hard work and
support of the organisation over many years. The first award was presented by Steve Gardner to
Frank Allen from Liecester, England, and the second award was presented by Al Myers to Frank
Ciavattone Snr. Of East Walpole Massachusetts, USA. After the speeches and presentations were
made, there was not a dry eye in the house as the occasion touched everyone emotionally. A truly
inspiring occasion. I for one will not forget our weekend in Norwood, and the IAWA family now looks
ahead to Scotland in 2015 - Long Live IAWA! -

Chad Ullom (USA)
Frank Ciavattone
Al Myers (USA)
Left: Frank Ciavattone Right: Frank Allen - IAWA Award of Merit
John Mahon(Australia)
IAWA Gold Cup World Record Breakers 2014 - Burton, England
(New photos on photo Gallery)
The Gold Cup took place at the Burton Powerhouse All Round Weightlifting Academy in Burton on Trent on Saturday 25th
October. In short...it was a fantastic day! We had 56 lifters entered for the day, the biggest turnout in IAWA's 28 year history
for an International event, with 6 Nations represented (Unfortunately Kim and Graham Alway had to leave before the event
started due to a death in the family and our deepest sympathy goes out to them) but it was still a massive event. I was so
proud to be there on the day with so many great people and to witness them performing so many outstanding lifts. Thanks to
all the overseas lifters who brought the International Flare. Every lifter brought new energy to the platform and we saw about
50 different lifts performed to exceptional standard, I wish I could mention them all in this report but there are just too many.
There were several records on the day that were the 'heaviest ever performed' in IAWA. I know big Mark Haydock had
two….one in the 2 Inch Bar Deadlift and one in the Alternate Grip Clean and Press. James Gardner also with a massive 92.5
kilos in the Shoulder Drop, and Neil Keddy too with the French Press I think. James's lift earned him the 'Howard Prechtel
Memorial Award' which was presented to him by last years winner 'Al Myers' and Neil Keddys exceptional 60k French Press
saw him in the Runners Up spot. The lifting was just 'Outstanding' and Frank Ciavattone hit big numbers in the Ciavattone
Deadlift. It was great for me to see my 8 year old Grandson Dominic perform a lift to earn a Gold Cup, and my heart melted
when I heard he asked his Mum if the cups were real Gold. So proud to have lifted on the same platform as my Wife, and my
two Sons: John and James and also my Grandson..three generations! I am so very pleased with the tremendous help from
my team members at our Burton Club as they helped load all the lifts for the other loaders. Everyone helped everyone else,
and that is what enabled us to get through at least 275 record attempts. The final showdown between Al Myers and his Dad
Laverne brought the house down as they went head to head in the struggle for supremacy in the One Hand 2 inch Dumbbell
Deadlift, Laverne winning out over Al in the finish. It was most refreshing to have 12 female competitors really leading the way
for the Ladies..well done girls, and 8 Junior lifters as well, from young Dominic at 8 yrs, Elena De La Mata at 9yrs through to
Matt Jones at 18yrs and Maddie Ell at 19 yrs, well done young ones you are the future of our sport. Our Masters division was
really well represented too with 78 yrs old Gerry Davidson ou most Senior lifter on the day. It was just so great to have so
many people from the IAWA family with me, and the evening Dinner and Presentation was also tremendous. As well as the
Gold Cup presentation, I was knocked out by the super present given to me by Al Myers..the stunning Gym sign to hang in
the Burton Powerhouse, thanks again big Al. And then later in the evening, well how could anyone forget Nick Swain and his
mate Ben performing as ' The King Elvis's..Lol! Just Priceless.Thanks again to everyone, and I mean everyone who helped
me to make the day a great success.....Long Live IAWA!
Al Myers Presents the new Club sign to Steve Gardner
Last years Howard Prechtel Winner: Al Mayers presents
this years award to James Gardner
The IAWA(UK) All Round National (Postal )League 2014
Leg 6 Top 7 Clubs:
1 POWERHOUSE1 Peter Tryner, Mark Haydock, James Gardner 1074.4
2 GRANBY GRIPPERS Steve Andrews, Steve Sherwood, Mark Godleman 964.6
3 POWERHOUSE2 Luke Davis, Graham Saxton, Paula Thompson 959.4
4 TIVERTON W.L.C.1 Mark Rattenberry, Gary Ell, Jevan Cockbain 915.0
5 METAMORFIT Philippe Crisp, Adrian Pryor, Paul Barette 881.6
6 SUNBURY Andy Murtagh, Jeff Luther, Trevor Evans 756.6
7 The Iron Clan1 Sam Hills, Nick Swain, Jenn Tibbenham 725.5
Leg 6 Top 7 Individuals:
1 Peter Tryner 389.9
2 Mark Haydock 353.6
3 Andy Murtagh 348.2
4 James Gardner 330.9
5 Steve Andrews 330.7
6 Steve Sherwood 328.6
7 Luke Davis 327.8

After 6 Legs - Top 7 Teams Final Positions:
1 POWERHOUSE1 Mark Haydock, James Gardner, Luke Davis 6133.2
2 GRANBY GRIPPERS Steve Sherwood, Steve Andrews, Mark Shaw 5987.4
3 TIVERTON W.L.C.1 Gary Ell, Mark Rattenberry, Jevan Cockbain 5518.5
4 METAMORFIT Philippe Crisp, Adrian Pryor, Paul Barette 5327.7
5 The Iron Clan1 Nick Swain, Sam Hills, Jenn Tibbenham 5166.3
6 TIVERTON W.L.C.2 Thomas Cleverley, Peter Hoar, Patrick Burt 4340.0
7 POWERHOUSE2 Paula Thompson, Graham Saxton, Chris Findon 4321.6
After 6 Legs - Top 7 Individuals:
1 Mark Haydock 2273.5
2 Steve Sherwood 2141.0
3 Steve Andrews 2117.0
4 Philippe Crisp 1971.7
5 Gary Ell 1945.3
6 Nick Swain 1908.7
7 James Gardner 1890.6
Burton Powerhouse all Round Weightlifting Academy Team
Youngest Lifter:
Dominic Gardner 8yrs
Overall Best Lifter:
Pete Tryner
Burton Powerhouse
30th Annual Gym

The Burton Powerhouse enjoyed
the 30th competition on
Wednesday 17th December 2014,
Steve Gardner having run the first
one in 1985 when the team was
established. For the first few years
the team were known as 'The
Burton Bombers' before a name
change to the Powerhouse Gym.
This years event was really
exciting, with 12 lifters on the
platform and several records were
broken. The biggest lift of the
competition went to Pete Tryner
the overall Winner with a Hacklift
of 270.5 kilos!
Coming Soon:
Saturday 4th April
British Powerlifting
at Tiverton, Devon
Contact: Mark Rattenberry
The Health and Strength Trophy for the
Best Pewrformance by a Junior
IAWA(UK) Lifter

Winner for 2014: Matt Jones 19yrs

Seen here being presented with his award by
IAWA(UK) Council Member and World
Records Registrar: Chris Bass. Matt Jones is a
young man with a lot of potential. During 2014 he
recorded some great performances and broke
several Junior Records. Well done young Matt
and keep up the good work!
Above Left: Midlands (Burton Powerhouse) - Above Right: South East One (Metamorfit)
Below Left: Team Wales - Below Right: Team Barbarians
Bottom Left: South East Two - Below Centre: Mathew Wells - Bottom Right: Maddie Ell
The IAWA(UK) National Clubs Championships - Sunday 18th Jan - Burton on Trent
This years invitation team challenge was a great success, with some lively and exciting lifting in a
great atmosphere. With five teams on the platform it made for a great competition, featuring Juniors,
Ladies, Open and Masters class lifters. The lifters competed on the Continental Snatch, the One
Hand Dumbbell Cheat Curl and the Hacklift. The Winning Team were the Burton Powerhouse closely
followed by Metamorfits first team, with the Barbarians just nudging Wales out for third place,. It was
a really great day. Liam Keddy 13yrs was the youngest lifter and Cliuve Madge 65yrs the most
senior. Clive injured his hip in the Hacklift so we wish him a speedy recovery. Overall best lifter on
the day was Pete Tryner, followed by Paul Barrette, Nadia Silve , James Gardner and Luke Davis.

The 2015 IAWA (UK) British Grip Championships - 7th Feb - Preston
A superb start to the open
season at Preston saw 17 lifters
compete for the Grip
Championship titles. Superb
lifting across the board on the 2
Inch Bar lifts. This was the first
event hosted by Mark Haydock
at his new premises, and a good
day was had by all! Best Female
Lifter on the day was Selina
Dorn, Best Master was Pete
Tryner, Best Junior was Matt
Jones and the Best Open and
Overall Best Lifter Champion
was Mark Haydock!
See Results page
for full details
Mark Haydock - Overall Best Lifter
Great to see George Dick back in action!
Above Left Matt Wells

Above Middle Chris Findon

Above Right Graham Saxton

Left Nicola Thornhill

Right Selina Dorn (Ladies

Below Left Pete Tryner
(Masters champion)

Below Right Matt Jones
(Junior Champion)
1 Powerhouse 1 Mark Haydock, Pete Tryner, James Gardner 1093.3
2 Granby Grippers Steve Andrews, Steve Sherwood, Mark Shaw 1035.6
3 Metamen Rory Hoad, Joe Morris, Paul Barette 944.6
4 The Iron Clan 1 Nick Swain, Sam Hills, Lesley Swain 934.6
5 Powerhouse 2 Luke Davis, Paula Thompson, Graham Saxton 902.5
6 Sunbury Andy Murtagh, Trevor Evans, Jeff Luther 886.0
7 Tiverton W.L.C.1 Mark Rattenberry, Jevan Cockbain, Thomas Cleverley 866.8
8 MetaMasters Philippe Crisp, Adrian Pryor, James Rampton 866.1
9 Powerhouse 3 Steve Moss, Chris Findon, Shaun Jose 805.5
10 Metamasters Oldies Clive Madge, Ed Shorttle, Phil Padget 805.4
11 Dumbbelle Blonds Nadia Silva, Clare Rampton, Candice Morris 650.6
12 Powerhouse 4 Matt Jones, Karen Gardner 506.0
13 Iron Maidens Natalie Voce, Jenny Watson 351.8
14 Tiverton W.L.C.2 Dion Maynard 227.7
15 Granby Grippers 2 Josh Warren 225.0
16 The Iron Clan 2 Jenn Tibbenham 205.5

Individual Rankings
1 Mark Haydock 392.1
2 Steve Andrews 380.7
3 Steve Sherwood 368.5
4 Andy Murtagh 365.4
5 Nick Swain 363.5
6 Pete Tryner 360.9
7 Sam Hills 355.8
8 James Gardner 340.4
9 Philippe Crisp 336.9
10 Rory Hoad 329.8
11 Joe Morris 327.8
12 Luke Davis 324.4
13 Mark Rattenberry 313.4
14 Clive Madge 310.7
15 Paula Thompson 291.8
16 Nadia Silva 291.2

Lifts: Pullover and Press, One Hand Dumbell Deadlift, Reverse Curl, 2" Bar Snatch
Full Results on IAWA(UK) Face Book Page!
Southern Counties All Round Championships 22.2.2015 Promoter Paul Barette
13 Lifters took part in the Southern All Round, competing on the Pullover and Press, the One Hand Dumbell Deadlift and the 2"
Bar Snatch. There were 4 new IAWA(UK) members competing for the first time on the platform. The Best Masters Lifter
was Clive Madge, the Best Female Lifter was Nadia Silve, the Best Open and Overall Best Lifter was Rory Hoad. Paul thanks
his fellow officials: Phil Crisp, Natalie Voce and Jenn Tibbenham (Prov)and all who helped make the day a great success
-22 Possible Record attempts were submitted to the Records Registrar for Ratification!
The Midlands Open All Round Championships - Haven Gym, Grimsby
Saturday 7th
March 2015

See Results
Page for full
The Lifters and Officials at the Midlands Championships - Clive Madge in Action
Above Left: Mark Haydock receives the Peter Ready Trophy for the Best Master Lifter
Above Right: Josh Davidson receives the Bill Jelley Award for the Best Open Lifter
Another Classic day at the Haven Gym: This year's Midlands Championships ran through very smooth, it was true
harmony in motion as everyone got involved with Refereeing, Lifting, Loading and supporting. It was great to see the lifters
loading and catching for each other when they were not lifting, weightlifting enthusiasts, supporting and encouraging each
other and between them producing great lifts in an electric atmosphere. In the 70 kilo class we had 4 lifters, Paul Barette just
getting back into his stride after some time out of the gym had travelled up from Eastbourne to take part, Chris Findon lifted
really well and was pleased with his record in the Dumbbells Press but cricked his neck in the Snatch from Hang, and carried
on regardless. Mathew Wells was a polished act as usual with a very nice Clean and Jerk from behind neck, he finished
second, and Steve Andrews was on great form, eventually taking the 70 kilo class title at Open and Masters. Luke Davis was
great across the board taking the 75 kilo class title. Steve Moss in only his second competition continues to improve, and with
several personal bests he won the Open title at 105 kilos. Clive Madge, the oldest lifter of the day at 65 lifted like a lion as
usual, a true inspiration to the younger guys, he broke several records and finished as Masters Champion and 2nd in the Open
at 105. Barry Gordge performed some very strong lifts and thoroughly enjoyed his lifting taking the Masters 50+ title at 105. It
was great at the end of the last lift to see all three in the 105 class chasing the Bent Arm Pullover Record, for a 4th attempt
Barry broke the record with a great 70 kilos, but one lift later Clive Madge was good with 70.5 and then Steve Moss was again
successful with 71 to wrestle the record from Clive, it was great to watch, well done guys! In the 110 kilo class we saw Josh
Davidson lifting in his first competition, he was outstanding considering this former Kick Boxer has only been training with the
Burton Club for 6 weeks, Josh was also the Best Open Lifter Division lifter on the day. Mark Haydock was impressive as
ever…he added a hat load of great records to his collection, and again several were the 'heaviest lift on the IAWA Record
Books' an inspiring performance from the Overall Best Lifter of the day, and the Best Masters Trophy Winner. 19 year old Matt
Jones was lifting in the 120 kilo class and again cleaned up with records in the four disciplines, including at least one Open
record too, Matt was the Open and Junior Title Holder in the 120's. Graham Saxton was the heaviest lifter on the day
contesting the 125 kilo class, and Graham gave a smooth performance and a few pb's and records to take the 125 kilo title at
Open and Masters 50+. Well done everyone, keep up the good work!
ALSO...see the story of
Mark Haydocks 'Heaviest
Ever' Records List...on the
IAWA(UK) Page Now!!!
2015 IAWA GOLD CUP 27th November - Perth Australia